Cognita alliance


About Olinca

We are part of the Cognita alliance

Cognita group schools provide a unique global education that goes beyond academic excellence in all aspects, building resilient minds by fostering positive international perspectives on a solid foundation of wellbeing.

Created in 2004 in London, the Cognita group is today one of the most prestigious educational networks in the world.

The group aims to create inspiring educational environments that help build self-confidence and empower students to succeed.

Joining the network means following the #CognitaWay, a set of requirements that are present in the most successful schools: active leadership, personalized learning, personal growth, a sense of community, innovation, and brilliant fundamentals.

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Cognita is founded in 2004

Its first expansion outside the UK was in 2007 with schools in Spain and Singapore

More than 100 schools

In every corner of the globe, Cognita schools help students achieve their best

16 countries

In Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, and India

More than 15,000 employees

A multicultural family with incredible opportunities for career growth worldwide

More than 75,000 students

94 different nationalities, each one of them supporting and expanding our global perspective

12 academic curricula

Each of our schools is different, so they reflect and serve the needs of local families



“Today the world is global, today the life of our students demands that it be absolutely global. We believe that the next step for the school is to create an alliance with an international group, in our eyes, the best group in the world.”

Ma. Fernanda Carrera Compeán, General Director, Olinca


Benefits of our alliance with Cognita

Be Well, Learn Well

Applying the science of wellness to learning and everyday life.

International collaboration

Cognita enriches our students’ learning and builds a global perspective through exchanges with students from around the world.

Global perspective

Cognita provides a platform for the ongoing exchange of ideas and inspiration, creating possibilities for our students and educators.

  • International exchange programs
  • International educational, technological, and cultural encounters

International network

With more than 100 schools on 6 continents, Cognita schools constantly benefit from the intercultural relationships that are generated not only among students but also among their staff and teachers.

Continuing professional development for teachers

Cognita encourages professional development, open communication, and recognition of our employees.


Frequently asked questions

Cognita is an extraordinary group of diverse but connected schools spanning 16 different countries. All of them, like Olinca, share a common purpose: to create a world of inspiring education that builds self-confidence and empowers people to succeed. With more than 100 schools in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, India, and Asia, they have more than 15,000 employees and support staff caring for and educating more than 75,000 students.

Cognita schools seek academic and human excellence, but with the awareness that only well-rounded wellbeing can achieve it. This is why Cognita spreads and builds the concept of the well-rounded wellbeing of all the members of its community: this is the notion of “wellbeing”.

This alliance represents a great opportunity for the entire Olinca Community. It will allow us to strengthen our educational project and make it evolve in a global and international context, enabling a broader and more challenging experience for our students and the entire educational community, exchanging practices with more than 100 Cognita schools around the world.

Both teachers and students will have the opportunity to learn and live unique opportunities and experiences with a global and international vision. Our community will be able to participate in various activities in other countries.

Because providing a foundation of wellbeing for children, youth, and the education community at large builds confidence and allows openness to an international perspective necessary to grow, thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Each school is as individual as its students, but with the alliance with Cognita, we all share a common purpose: to create an inspiring educational world that builds self-confidence and empowers people to succeed. We will do this by sharing experiences, knowledge, and best practices, and collaborating to develop enriched learning environments in each school. Olinca has a lot to contribute to the schools of the world and we will learn a lot from them.

For Cognita, wellbeing begins at home. As a result, parents remain central to this new environment. The alliance will provide access to resources to care for their own wellbeing and that of their children, always with the support of Olinca.

Olinca teachers will not only continue to lead their groups, but they will also now have more and better opportunities for training and professional growth. In addition, the best in the world in academic preparation will be available to the Olinca team.

Now, our faculty will have access to global events that provide opportunities to network and learn from their peers around the world.

One example is the education and technology conference “The School of the Future”, which attracted international speakers from Google, Microsoft, Harvard, and more. Our teachers will have a platform to share their knowledge and experiences to enrich other schools as well as themselves.

Cognita is a group of schools that join forces in an inspiring educational world with a common purpose: to develop self-confidence and empower people to succeed. Together, the schools provide a truly global education that goes beyond grades to develop comprehensive academic excellence, giving young people the confidence and skills that prepare them to grow, thrive and find the success they seek in a challenging world.

For Cognita, education is much more than academics. Today more than ever, it is essential that education extends beyond the classroom, beyond our schools and regions.

Growing programs to develop critical life skills and broadening the educational experience for all of our students is an important part of building character and being a global school.

Like Olinca, but on a global level, Cognita integrates community and innovation as elements that inspire to continue breaking new ground in education. One way we do this is by partnering with leaders and experts beyond our schools, beyond Cognita, and building on a diverse global platform to create new opportunities.

On the teaching front, Cognita has partnered with one of the world’s leading colleges to offer a specialization scholarship program for our educators. In addition, educational research sets the course for teaching and learning in partner schools, while teachers achieve outstanding professional development.

Of course, we will still be Olinca, but better. Just as in 1980, we were the first school in Mexico to be part of the IB (International Baccalaureate), now we have the Cognita alliance.

We will have new possibilities and great opportunities such as academic exchanges and global activities with different schools around the world; the goal is to offer our community a worldwide school.

We went from being international to global.

Of course, both the general management and the management teams will continue with new challenges to take a new step into Olinca’s future.