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Beyond the classroom

Olinca school services

Both Olinca campuses have services to help families achieve a work-life balance with the school schedule. Services designed to make day-to-day obligations easier.

Our services

Our additional services are listed below. If you have any questions about any of the services offered, please contact us. 

Group 417


We have full-time certified nurses and paramedics on our campuses.


School insurance

The school has a school accident insurance policy, which is designed especially for students. This insurance covers, through reimbursement, the medical expenses that the student would have to pay, as a consequence of an accident.

Group 421

School transportation

At the Periférico campus, elementary and Secondary school/MYP students are included in the mandatory school transportation program. Afternoon transportation is available at 4.30 pm at the Periférico campus only. At the Altavista campus, it is only at student dismissal time. 


Books and school supplies

The sale takes place virtually in August, prior to the start of classes

Group 425


The sale of uniforms will take place in August at the Periférico campus.  

Group 423


We offer balanced and healthy meals for our students and teachers, prepared in our own kitchen.

Group 419

Extracurricular activities

We understand extracurricular activities as all those activities that the school provides for its students and that are outside the regular schedule.