Family Referral Plan



We want more families like yours!

We know that the best ambassadors are our employees, who know us more than anyone and know the positive impact we have on the education of our students.

In gratitude to our team members who recommend us and invite friends and family to the Olinca Community, we started a referral plan with which they can benefit from special bonuses.

How to make a reference

The referring Olinca family must fill out the form.

This form will request the full name, telephone number and email address of the family, as well as the name, age and school of origin of the referred child.

You will benefit from a 100% discount on one month of tuition for a child (referred by student)*

Admission and registration of the referred student

The referred child must go through the intake process and register. The benefit of the tuition discount will be made 5 months after the referred candidate starts classes.

Conditions and restrictions

  • To be entitled to the discount in question, it is mandatory that the Olinca family fill out the “refer family” form before carrying out an admission process with the new family.
  • The new family can only be referred by a family from the Olinca Community.
  • If you have more than one child studying at Olinca, the discount will be applied to one of the children. The discount will be applied to the child with the lowest tuition.
  • The benefit will be applied to the 5th month after the referred child starts school.
  • The referred student must remain enrolled at the school for at least 5 months.
  • The referring family and the referred family must be 100% up to date with registration and tuition payments.
  • The following conditions are not accepted:
    • It is not considered a referral if it is simply mentioned that “I heard about the school from a particular family.”
    • That the person you refer already has a previous relationship with the school. For example: that the parents are school graduates, that they have already done an admission process in the past or that they have studied at the school on a previous occasion.