Beyond the classroom

Introducing Olinmun: our Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a world-renowned academic activity that encourages students to learn more about international relations, diplomacy and the workings of the UN.


Olinmun aims to open up a whole new perspective to young students. This project encourages all students to discuss and solve global issues that affect us all.

This model allows our students:

  • To have a global outlook on current problems
  • To understand different perspectives
  • To communicate and express their ideas and points of view by debating and negotiating in a respectful manner

Olinmun explanation

For the past 20 years, Olinca has organized its model United Nations called OLINMUN, in which schools in Mexico participate to discuss topics in English following the UN protocol.

Olinca High school students decide, with their teachers and directors, the committees and topics to be discussed; High school students act as secretaries and invite students from Olinca Secondary school and other schools to participate in the debates.

Today, we are convinced that the United Nations model is our best option for educating young people to solve complex problems through informed and respectful debate.

High school students get together, with their teachers and directors, to offer a Model UN to Olinca Secondary school students and guests. Committees and topics to be discussed are chosen according to the official positions of each country, following the official UN debate protocol.

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