The Olinca Way


About Olinca

The Olinca Way

At Olinca, we aim for all graduates to be well-rounded, critically- minded, and with key life skills that will enable them to achieve their goals with a social and environmental commitment.

As they progress through school, students are taught to take responsibility for their own learning as a way to prepare for the life that awaits them beyond the school´s gates. We believe that school is only the first step in a lifelong learning journey.

Our mission:

To develop well-rounded, confident, capable, and committed human beings.

Our vision:

Olinca is community action, delivered through values that encourage people to be better human beings.

How do we achieve this?

Our success is based on the following fundamentals:

  • Bilingual and integrated academic programs (SEP- IB- Olinca/ CCH-IB- Olinca)
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Project-based learning embedded in UN global goals
  • Educational technology resources
  • Signature programs that promote self-knowledge, wellbeing, social commitment, care for the planet and what it means to be Mexican and a global citizen (República Olinca, Conozca México, Human Development sessions, environmental workshops, national and international exchanges, academic exchanges for students, teachers, and administrative staff)
  • Facilities with green areas, spaces for sports and games, auditoriums, specialized project rooms, laboratories, classrooms equipped with multimedia technology

We educate for life:


Taking care of ourselves


Taking care of others


Taking care of the planet

Why choose Olinca?

At Olinca, we understand that our students need to be prepared for the realities of the world in which we live. Our curriculum responds to the current needs of our students, both for their social-emotional development and for their desire to understand the world around them. We educate them to better understand the challenges they will face as adults, from environmental awareness to developing skills that will help them succeed in their future careers.

We understand academic excellence as a process of continuous improvement. We have high standards without compromising the wellbeing of our students.

We focus on the well-rounded development of the student through programs that allow them to discover their talents and passions as well as understand themselves as individuals. 


Our programs include:

Our purpose is to educate for life with social and environmental commitment. We develop self-confident and critical thinkers with problem-solving skills.

  • Art
  • Coding/programming
  • Sports and artistic workshops
  • Chess
  • Model United Nations
  • Community service/academic and cultural exchanges

Educational stages at Olinca

Early Learning

From 18 months of age


From 3 years of age

Primary school/PYP

From 6 years of age

Secondary school/MYP

From 12 years of age

High school/Diploma

From 16 years of age


Our students in numbers

are high-performance athletes​
0 %
obtain a language certification at the end of their studies​
0 %
enter the college of their choice​
0 %
participate in community service programs​
0 %
receive training focused on sustainability​
0 %
have participated in an international exchange program​
0 %
have hosted international students​
0 %
learn about iconic places in the country through the Conozca México program​
0 %
practice routines to improve concentration and wellbeing​
0 %
practice a sport​
0 %
represent the school in sports teams​
0 %
understand and use the main digital tools​
0 %