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2022 Blog!

Here you can find lots of information about the 19th edition of OLINMUN which took place the 25th and 26th of February, 2022.

Enjoy the articles and informative capsules by the Press Corps, videoclips and Committee screenshots. Have a look!

Opening Ceremony

“Stronger Than Yesterday”

By Diego López Reynoso, Press Corps

“We made it!”, enthusiastically announced Secretary General, Ivo Occelli, at the long-awaited Opening Ceremony of OlinMUN 2022. Indeed, after 720 days since the last in-person ceremony, OlinMUN is back on its feet and most debates are on-site again.

The ceremony kicked off with a welcoming from Olinca’s Master of Ceremony, Miss Elizabeth Lobito, and was followed by a heartfelt message by Miss María Fernanda Carrera, our General Director, right after the national anthem. “Respect is always earned and can’t be demanded,” is one of the valuable lessons Miss Marifer shared with the audience. Olinca graduate, Santiago Lobeira followed suit as one of the speakers sharing inspirational words.

Then a cheering audience welcomed Ivo Occelli to the podium alongside Undersecretaries Miguel Ángel Herrera Varela and Abril Ortega Andrade, who shared their contagious excitement and celebrated the achievements that have made this OlinMUN edition possible.


Keynote Speaker

"Humans Are Merely One More Specie in This Magnificent Earth!"

Evolusíe 3.8 Director, Santiago Lobeira

By Diego López Reynoso, Press Corps

Santiago Lobeira is a renowned entrepreneur and Olinca graduate who has devoted his entire career to developing new technologies and businesses that contribute to the preservation of the environment. After being introduced, he gave a hopeful and motivational speech encouraging young participants to develop critical and analytical thinking to build a better future. “Si nos logramos levantar, nos levantamos más fuertes que ayer,” was one of his closing statements regarding the climate crisis humanity is facing. Lobeira reminded the audience that the Earth is already sustainable; nature takes advantage of this self-reparing capacity. We only need to find our way back home, to nature.

Santiago Lobeira - Evolusíe Director

Journalistic Essays

From a comedy-crime cartoon, to a crime organization:
Pink Panthers criminal organization

By Ana Elena Hernández Carrera, Press Corps

Dusko Poznan, left inset, and Goran Drazic, right, were arrested before

the Dec. 4th robbery but arebelieved to be members of the Pink Panthers.

Source: The New York Times

The Pink Panthers Criminal Organization is a gang of thieves specialized in stealing from the biggest jewelry brands in Europe. They mount extremely well-planned and elaborated robberies across the world, allowing them to carry out heists in minutes. Mainly located in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the Pink Panthers have been around since 1999, terrorizing the jewelry market.

The gang is believed to be conformed by ex-soldiers from the Bosnian War with a lot of experience on military tactics, making them even more dangerous. They take weapons to their heists but claim not to use them, unless it’s for the purpose of intimidation. They are also known for using attractive women as bait.

This huge case was given to INTERPOL. The organization created the Pink Panther Project back in 2007, with the plan to coordinate a worldwide campaign against the gang. Last year in Bern, Switzerland, a three-day meeting was held where investigators around the world reviewed the case and concluded that they should coordinate to help identify members and accomplices.The INTERPOL project is in motion and some gang members have been arrested.


Unknown. (2021, February 12). Interpol Pink Panthers project meeting brings together international investigators. INTERPOL Pink Panthers project meeting brings together international investigators. Retrieved February 25, 2022, from https://www.interpol.int/es/Noticias-y-acontecimientos/Noticias/2010/INTERPOL-Pink-Panthers-project-meeting-brings-toget her-international-investigators

Chiu, R. (2019, August 15). Pink panthers: Europe's Mysterious Gang of Jewellery Thieves. jewellermagazine.com. Retrieved

February 25, 2022, from


Equal Work, Equal Pay?

By Ariadne Ramirez, Press Corps

Inequality takes many forms, one of them being the pay gap. Retrieved from:

iStock by Getty Images

The Gender Pay Gap measures the difference between the average earnings of women and men in the workforce. It is important to keep in mind that this is not the same as unequal pay; the gender pay gap allows us to know the position of women in the economy in comparison to men´s. It is a result of multiple social and economic factors that are and have been present in our society such as: intentional and non-intentional discrimination and bias in pay decisions and/or hiring, high rates of part-time jobs for women, jobs that have more male or female dominance, etc.

Multiple studies, such as a survey made by the University of Stanford and University of California San Francisco (UCSF) show that, still to this day, women are paid less than men, especially in male-dominated workplaces, even though they are as capable and/or have more academic specialization than their men counterparts.

Gender pay gap is still an important matter that we, as a society, have to address to be able to find a solution that could even allow us to reach gender equality. That's why the UN Women Jr. Committee has decided to discuss this topic and hopes their delegates are able to create solutions and show men and women that their work is of equal worth.


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"Killing Nature for Economy's Sake, is it Worth it?"
The Environment impact of the e40 canal project

By Diego Govea Olmos, Press Corps

The river Pripyat in the Pripyat-Stokhid National Park in the Polesie area, Ukraine.

Taken by Daniel Rosengren.

The E40 Canal Project is the design of a navigable route that crosses territories of Poland, The Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, which goal is to restore a pathway used by Vikings in ancient times. If completed, it would be a two-thousand-kilometer navigable connection from the Baltic to the Black Sea, the longest in Europe.

It could be seen as a positive project, due to the fact that it would make it possible to transport up to 6 million tons of cargo per year; including products like coal, potash salt, refined oil products and stone products. Therefore facilitating the multilateral trades between the European Union, the East Partnership countries, as well as the rest of the world.

In contrast, although water transportation is considered to be the most environmentally friendly means of transport, this navigable route will strongly impact the environment. For example, the Pripyat River is one of the best preserved waterways in Europe and a key factor for the biodiversity of the region. More than 90% of the birds in Belarus are found in Polesia and it is home for thousands of species. It is estimated that if the project of the E40 Canal takes place, more than 70 wildlife reserves will be affected severely.

Aside from the impact on wildlife, it is of the utmost importance to note that this Canal will be crossing the Chernobyl Excluded Zone of the river Dnieper River, which will affect 28 million people who depend on water and food, according to the French organization Association pour le Contrôle de la Radioactivité dans l’Ouest (ACRO). Increasing the radiation risk to a higher level, being this a real alarming issue.


Alexandra Murphy. (2020). From the Baltic to the Black Sea: How the E40 waterway could bolster the Eastern European region. 25-02-22, de PRAS Sitio web: http://minskdialogue.by/en/research/memorable-notes/from-the-baltic-to-the-black-sea-how-the-e40-waterway-could-bolster-the-eastern-european-region

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Back to the Classroom: Teens, Depression and Anxiety

By Diego López Reynoso, Press Corps

School-related anxiety and stress in children and teens. Retrieved from: https://www.familyeducation.com/school/academic-achievements/under-pressure-7-tips-managing-school-related-anxiety

Anxiety and depression have been negatively impacting students for a while now and has become one of the biggest issues that schools have to face on a daily basis. Often, academic achievement is prioritized over the well-being of students and this has taken a toll on their mental health. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), one in every eight students lives with anxiety. The suicide rates of children and teenagers worldwide is becoming incredibly concerning. Suicide rates among youth has increased 70% over the last few years. The numbers are profoundly disturbing and have initiated a call to the educational system to make a change, including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

It has been proven that mentally healthy children are set up to be more successful in life. Research has shown that students who receive socio-emotional learning do better academically and that a good mental health is critical to their success. This is why UNICEF aims to incorporate emotional learning into the K-12 Education (Kindergarten through grade 12) to balance a high quality education with healthy lifestyles.


Anonymous. (2020). Why Is Suicide So Common Among College Students?. 02/25/2022, de Governors State University Sitio web: https://www.govst.edu/suicide-prevention/

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Crisis. 02/25/2022, de National Education Association Sitio web: https://www.nea.org/advocating-for-change/new-from-nea/teen-suicide-rate-increases-states-look-sch ools-address-crisis

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Informative Capsules from selected committees

"The Limits of Freedom of Speech"

By Fernanda Galindo, Press Corps

The International Court of Justice (ICC) debated on the case of former Côte d’Ivoire president Laurent Gbagbo and youth leader Charles Blé Goudé, who were acquitted of crimes against humanity in the wake of 2010 presidential election after their joint ICC trial opened in January 2016. They were both accused of four charges of crimes against humanity: murder, rape, inhuman acts or attempted murder and persecution. The Prosecutor presented two articles that stated that thousands of people were killed by the followers of the accused, but the Majority of the Judges considered that he had failed to submit sufficient evidence to demonstrate the responsibility of Mr. Gbagbo and Mr. Blé Goudé in the attacks to the civilian population. The Majority ruled that their public speeches did not constitute ordering, soliciting or inducing the alleged crimes. The Prosecutor will file a notice of appeal against this decision.

Police escort a group of supporters of former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo outside the International Criminal Court I The Hague, Netherlands. The Times of Israel, 12 February 2021

(AP/Peter Dejong)

"Human Rights Violations in Social Movements"

By Emilio Juárez, Press Corps

Brazil and El Salvador’s poorest areas, face police brutality, kidnappings and crime. The delegation of Armenia urges the Committee to solve the issue with urgency.

Several countries are questioning Afghanistan’s stance because their country is notorious for its violence against women, police brutality and human rights violations.

Venezuela is questioned because of its police brutality against social movements.

It is clear that their best hope resides on the relentless work of national and international human rights non-governmental organizations.

Berta, víctima brasileña de trata en España: Amnistía Internacional España se involucra para conseguir que se le haga justicia.

©EPA/Miguel Gutiérrez